Regional Healthcare Coordination Center (RHCC)

The RHCC is a multi-agency coordinating center established by the NVHA in 2003 to coordinate the emergency response operations of the NVHA membership in response to a major emergency.  In late 2014 the RHCC underwent a major move to a new location in Herndon, VA.  The new facility provides a number of advantages over the previous location, including additional space, the creation of a new dedicated communications room and installation of more redundant communications systems such as satellite and amateur radio.  In addition to the move into new dedicated space for the primary RHCC, the NVHA has been working with NVHA member Mary Washington Hospital to develop a second back-up RHCC for the membership at the Mary Washington Hospital campus.  This will provide the NVHA with back-up facilities to the West and South.  Additionally, the RHCC in Mary Washington Hospital can act as a primary site for emergencies occurring in the Fredericksburg area of the region.  For more information on the RHCC please click here