Critical Infrastructure Systems Resiliency Initiative

In 2011, NVHA made a $1M+ investment to improve the resiliency of NVHA member hospital water and electrical systems.  The projects were based on engineering assessments conducted in 2009-10 to identify critical utility vulnerabilities. 

Water enhancements focused on the installation of emergency well water pumping systems in addition to fixed water storage containers.  These improvements will enable the NVHA members to maintain water availability for critical systems such as HVAC during an extended outage. 

Figure 1: Design of Emergency Water Systems installed at NVHA Hospitals

The emergency power enhancements focused on the installation of “quick-connect” generator transfer switches that enable the NVHA members to rapidly connect a large emergency generator in the event that normal electrical power is lost for a significant amount of time and on-premise generators also fail or need supplementing. This installation shortened the time needed to connect and energize generators from hours to minutes.